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Sport : Parkour

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Now i'll share my experience in sport, before i go to experience for campus, now i'll explain about PARKOUR.

Parkour, does anyone know about parkour??
well, maybe this is a sport with a different name from YAMAKASI,
parkour was categorized as an extreme sport, well because this sport should have a hard training and difficult challange to beat.
But in the other side, this skill of parkour make the athlete strong very! very very STRONG for a long time, do you know why? yes because parkour use the natural training to do his sport for once and after.

okay let's to the point.
PARKOUR is moving from point A to point B as eficient and as fast as possible, and balancing with his human body itself.

Originally Parkour was born before people heard about parkour itself. But Parkour was described and made famous it by a man with France Nationality. He is George Hebert.
At 19 century, the one who has providing the training to release the hidden energy from human body is him.
Hebert was inspired by african tribe whose have the Gymnastic and Athletic Ability.
Evidently, something which can make them very strong is their environment which has train them self for many years.

Finally, Hebert created some training named naturalle methode which well-known as moto ‘etre fort pour etre utile’ or ‘to be strong, to be useful’. 

Terminology Parkour :
Parkour originated from the word parcours du combatants, which means training obstacle course for military sessions. Parcours word "c" changed to "k" and "s" was used to explain the philosophy of parkour itself. "Parkour's philosophy about efficiency."

While the term Traceur is a term for parkour practitioners. One could say traceurs if the person is already understand the meaning, basic, and the philosophy of parkour itself. Traceur derived from the word "tracer", which means faster, speed up (to trace / to go fast).

The values in the life of Parkour:
1. Art to pass through all the problems in the track of life.
 When we run the track of life, there are many obstacles and problems of life that look like obstacles in life. Everyone will have a final destination. But when we move to final destination, many obstacles (obstacles) are facing. By using the principles of parkour, we will try to pass through obstacles such obstacles with a beautiful and full control. Solving the problem we face with effectively and efficiently. All human life must have a track each.
2. Against the Fear. 

Someone who is afraid to try, will not do anything and will not be a nobody. All human beings must go through the process like this. If we can not fight fear, guns will be no progress in life. We can ride motorcycles, success in business, won the tender and so is the fruit of our courage against fear. 

But remember measuring fear and courage with courage meter. If we are too bold, we're going to act stupid, careless and even harm. But if we was too scared, then we will not do anything. So, between fear and daring to be balanced. 

3.Risen from failure.
When we tried a movement in parkour, we will always fail or fall. But if we continue to stand up and try again, we would be able to master one movement. Similarly, in life. Essentially brave dare to fail alias fall. Try again and learn not to fail and fall again.
4. Creativity and freedom.

In parkour we can be creative to create movement or combine several basic movements become our new movement depends creativity. Life was so, we must be creative so that it can be useful and beneficial in life. In addition, parkour also teaches us to move freely to freedom without a fight rules.
It is an important prohibited thing in parkour:
Parkour against competition.A campaign came from some practitioners of parkour on vigorously opposed the existence of competition and rivals in the Parkour. Competition is not in accordance with the philosophy and moral values that gave priority to freedom of parkour. The competition will only encourage someone to beat others or witnessed by the audience will only increase profits by a few corporations who only take advantage of parkour.Parkour Exercises are not intended to fight or beat someone else. Parkour is intended to help other people so that human beings have a way of thinking moderation (simple) and have the physical endurance of the old. 

And this is TRICK n TIPS to learn parkour:
1. Landing (Atterrissage or réception)
Land movement. The technique used is to bend the knees when toes touch the ground (never land with palms, try to always land with your toes in the shoes).

2. Balance (Équilibre)

Walking along the lip obstacle; literally actually shows "balance."

3. Cat balance (Équilibre de chat)

Movement crawl along the lip obstacles, like a cat.
4. Underbar (Franchissement)
Jumping or swinging through a gap on an obstacles, literally "to pass" or "to penetrate".

5. Dismount, swinging jump (Lâché)
  Hanging on one side of obstacles and then rotate body to the other side after it melepaskannnya to land
6. Vault (Passement)

 Jump or jump over obstacles, sometimes by hand.
7. Pop vault, wall hop (Passe muraille)
  Jump over the wall, which typically uses and ditendangkan leg toward the wall to change the initial momentum into upward momentum, and followed by the use of hand when on the wall to pass through the wall.

8. Kong vault/Cat jump/pass (Saut de chat)

Movement with a diving leap forward so that the horizontal position of the body visible, then landed with his hand and put the foot through both hands, so the body back to vertical position and prepare for landing.
  9. Dash vault
 Passing through the obstacles by jumping both feet first towards the front of the body and legs seen forming an angle of 90 degrees, and continue to hold the body with both hands.
10.Turn vault Demitour

Jump with 180 ° degree rotating motion, literally "half turn." This movement is helpful to place yourself hanging from one side of an object to the other side for a landing a short distance or be ready to jump into another object.
11.Reverse vault

Jump Movement with 360 ° rotation. In this leap, traceurs's jump with a turn around as it passes through a obstacles.  
12.Speed Vault

Jump past the obstacles to full speed as he cocked his leg to bypass the obstacles assisted with the beat of one hand

13.Lazy Vault

Passing through the obstacles with a low speed degan helped raise the body with one hand. Once past these obstacles, leg straightened out and assisted with tanagn the other as a second pedestal.   
14.Muscle up/climb-up (Planche)

Climbing motion.
15.Roll (Roulade)

Rolling motion forward after making the leap. It aims to transfer the momentum or energy after the jump.
16.Tic tac

Kicking motion towards the wall is meant to pass through the obstacle or reaches a height to reach an object.     

and this is The Bonus Video Even if just a trailer:: D 
Evolutuion Le-Parkour| <--- Video

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